Named GP

By 30th June 2015 we were required to allocate a named GP to every single patient under the age of 75. We did a similar exercise the previous year for over 75s which has continued. We have already completed this requirement and would like to reassure you that it will not affect you in any way.

Your Named Accountable GP is the the same as your Registered GP and will make absolutely no difference to the service we provide you or which doctor deals with your health matters.

The vast majority of our patients are aware of who their Registered GP is but if you are unsure please ask at reception or if you have received a letter from us within the past 12 months, your registered GP will be included after your address on the left hand side.

You can still see the doctor you regularly see, or you may be offered another doctor when your usual doctor is unavaliable. For urgent same day appointments it may be difficult for us to allocate your usual GP but you will be offered an appointment with either our Advanced Nurse Practitioner or another avaliable GP.